looking for a bodyline L481 in lavender size 2L

i have wanted this jsk forever and its still sold out :( im looking for lavender as a first choice, but if no one is selling lavender i may choose mint. im not going to pay more for it that it originally sold for though, this isnt brand. 


Magical Galaxy Phone Cover

Outfit for sakuracon 2014 day 1! My facial expression was kind of derpy ahaha oops.

#ootd #selfie workin that new tee I got at @shopsweetpoison this past weekend. Haven’t taken an awkward college bathroom pic in a long time haha


A great big list of where to buy this, that, and the other thing for all price ranges and size ranges! (Please note that not all of these shops are Lolita brands and not all of them sell exclusively Lolita. This is a collection of Lolita shops as well as shops that just happen to sell a lot of…