The giveaway had ended

I would like to congratulate the winner shh-taurus-drawing for winning the giveaway!! WOO!

i wanna thank everyone who participated and all my awesome followers, this was really fun and i hope to do another giveaway in the future :D


赤澤萌乃 太田夢莉 室加奈子 渋谷凪咲


Kawaiibuns first tumblr giveaway!!!
This is a thank you to all my followers because the blog hit 250 followers this past week :D
1.You must be following me (kawaiibuns)
2.You must have your ask box open (as this is how I will contact you in the event that you win)
3. If you win, you will have 72 hours to reply or a new winner will be selected
4. You must be willing to share your address with me so I can ship your prize (I will never share your personal information with anyone)
5. Likes do not count, only reblogs will count as entry. YOU MAY REBLOG ONLY ONCE! reblogging multiple times will not increase your chances and you will be excluded from the contest.
6. No giveaway blogs!!! (I will check!)
7. I will ship international so everyone can get involved :D
8. If you are under 18 y/o please make sure you have parent permission before entering. I don’t want anyones parents getting upset about it. Thank you. 
9. The winner will be chosen by
10. The giveaway ends 4-14-14 (April 14th 2014)
What will you win?
you will win some items from my brand Sparklegirlmagic ! (all hand made by me)you will receive (pictured above):
One bow hair clip 
Two heart hair clips
One keepsake box
Thank you and Good luck! ♥~ (/*3*)/

only a few hours left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I may have been to tired to even be alive but I still looked cute as shit today #himekaji #gyaru #ootd


I still need to change some things around…. Buuuut my decora for Zenkaikon will be intense js ♪(´ε` )! 

My dear, you always look the cutest

gotta give props to Prince cause i’ve never seen anyone else get that many clips and bows into their wig!